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Advertise on our mobile LED billboards for one day, one week, one month, or as long as you want!

If you don’t have a video or images to advertise no worries! We will do it for you!

Our coverage

Our LED billboard run around cities with high-volume of car and pedestrian traffic.

  • The Woodlands
  • Katy
  • Sugarland
  • Austin
  • Dallas
  • San Antonio
  • San Marcos
  • College station
  • New York
  • Las vegas

Don’t see the city you need?

Add a QR to make your ad interactive

Benefits of Using QR Codes on MOBILE LED BILLBOARDS

  1. Leverage your advertisement and drive more customer engagements to your campaign. 
  2. Track ROI (return on investment)
  3. Integrate marketing channels
  4. Increase social media followers or send users to a landing page
  5. Use it for applying surveys 
  6. Make your audience participate in a promotional contest or download coupons
 We can design the QR code as big as it can be.


Video ,
& audio

Social Media



An attractive and cost-effective advertising solution to hit different demographics.

We project videos and images to advertise local businesses and events. Our content includes fun, inspiring, positive messages and facts presented in a brief and entertaining format. You can promote your brand per week, per month, or for one day. Give us a call, and we can assist you in choosing the best way to start! Also, you can use our trucks exclusively to promote your brand or event in a specific city, date, and time.

The Best Media to Promote Your Local Businesses.

LED Mobile Billboards play a relevant role in towns and communities. If your business is constricted by its region, Acquire Advertising ads are a cost-effective way to get mass exposure in your area.

Share your LED advertising on your Social Media profiles

While your LED mobile billboard campaign is happening, we will send you videos and images of your campaign for you to post on your social media. You can also invite your clients to take a pic or a video, post it and tag your brand when they see the truck on the road

GPS system to keep track of your advertising route

We get data fast through our real-time LED truck tracking system to track efficiency, safety, and compliance. Our GPS tracking system allows us to update routes due to unexpected issues, like traffic and construction, that could affect the effectiveness of our advertising ride plan. At the end of your campaign, you will get a personalized compliance report.

We use location and data intelligently

At Acquire Advertising we believe that advertising is only as good as the data the fuels it. 

Our LED billboards ride around in busy routes to reach  and make your advertising campaign  have the most significant impact. At the end of your campaign you will receive a report with important data: route followed, campaign impressions, audience demographics, and traffic. 

You will also get access  to your image portfolio on .PNG format.

Advertising package

You can choose how long you need to promote your brand on our LED billboard trucks,from one day to one year.


  • 8 hours / day
  • You plan the schedule
  • You plan the route
  • Design support included
  • * Travel expenses are charged separately to the locations outside Houston Great Area

Advertising on our LED Mobile billboards gives you many advantages

  • Live GPS tracking while in motion
  • Trained, professional drivers
  • Fully licensed and insured trucks
  • Creative and design included
  • Photo and video compliance report
  • Eye-catching
  • Loads of possibilities for creative attractive visuals
  • Your brand will be seen by thousands of drivers, pedestrians and people
  • Wi-Fi / HotSpot integrated
  • You can play music simultaneously with your video


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