The campaign’s start day is every week on Monday. On a full-dedicated route, you pick the starting date and time.
8 hours a day, six days a week
Our low rates are possible thanks to the advertising plans we offer. Our monthly and weekly advertising plans share a route where ads are seen up to 60 times per day.
Our LED Billboard Trucks go around in most of the cities in Texas. Also, we can promote your brand in New York, Denver, Vail, Miami and Las Vegas.
You have no restrictions in format or length; as long as you have the content rights or permits, you can use videos, audio, images, live events transmission, zoom transmissions, podcasts with audio/video, movies and more.
Our marketing team is constantly analyzing the traffic count changes, demographics, consumer behavior, spending trends, and psychographics to understand the neighborhoods and the profiles of the people who are integrating the communities.

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